Consumer Mixed Reality

Trimble XR10 with HoloLens keeps Microsoft’s mixed reality headset ahead of the competition.

Johnny Reid
Sep 28, 2022

Trimble's XR 10 with Microsoft's HoloLens is bringing mixed reality to construction sites. It's no wonder Microsoft is crushing the competition with solutions like this.

Construction Mixed Reality Applications

Microsoft sells far more mixed reality headsets than any of its major competitors, and it’s no wonder with products like this that allow it to dominate entire industries.  The Trimble XR10 brings mixed reality into the construction industry by attaching Microsoft’s HoloLens to hard hats. Combined with the Trimble Connect software, this mixed reality solution enables faster and more efficient collaboration and project management throughout the construction process.

The software combines models from every part of the construction team--electrical, structural, and mechanical, etc.--allowing all involved to review models in the context of the physical job site with 1:1 scale holographic data. It even allows you to see mechanics that run under floors and behind walls.

This breakthrough makes the construction process much simpler, allowing workers to see beyond the 2-dimensional world of blueprints, and into the 3D visualization of the process. 

Project managers can also more easily track progress and mark new projects as construction unfolds. This is especially helpful for remodeling projects, where it’s difficult to track what’s already done from previous construction on the site, and what needs to be redone.

Trimble provides field technology solutions for construction business owners that revolutionize how your teams operate, design, and build. It’s another great example of how the fourth wave of computing is changing how we do things for the better.