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HoloLens 2 Development Services Q&A

Johnny Reid
Mar 13, 2023

goHere AR's HoloLens 2 development services are designed to increase user productivity, efficiency, retention, and accuracy while reducing costs.

HoloLens 2 Development Services

What is HoloLens 2 used for?

The Microsoft HoloLens 2 is a mixed reality headset primarily targeted towards enterprise use cases designed to increase user productivity, accuracy, and output while reducing training time and travel costs.

What industries are currently utilizing HoloLens 2?

Manufacturing, AEC (Architectural Engineering and Construction), Healthcare, and Education are all industries that are currently utilizing mixed reality technology via the HoloLens 2.

How much does the HoloLens 2 cost?

The normal HoloLens 2 device cost is $3,500 USD plus tax per unit. There is an industrial version designed to support regulated environments that costs $4,950 plus tax. Lastly, there is a hardhat-integrated version for work site environments that costs $5,199 plus tax. You can find details on purchasing at this link or consult with goHere AR to optimize your mixed reality strategy.

How does mixed reality with the HoloLens 2 improve training?

Mixed reality development for training programs is revolutionizing the way organizations train their employees. It creates opportunities for immersive training in which the employee is actually immersed in the activity they will be required to do on the job while being shown and guided via holograms the steps they will need to take to successfully complete the task.

HoloLens 2 is currently the most widely used device for these types of platforms, and data from several use cases shows that it increases retention by 100% and reduces training time by 75%--creating returns for organizations that greatly outweigh the upfront cost of buying the hardware and developing the training program.

What does an interactive mixed reality training experience look like?

The heads-up, hands-free nature of the HoloLens 2 display enables employees to get hands-on, interactive experience with the task at hand. Compared to typical training platforms which take place either in a classroom-like setting or through video, the interactivity and immersiveness of this training mechanism improves the outcomes of training tremendously.

In addition, being able to share training data and provide feedback via remote assistance in any location across the globe yields a significant return on investment by reducing the costs of bringing your workers together in one location.

By implementing a HoloLens 2 development strategy, what can an organization expect to see in terms of a return on investment?

An investment into mixed reality applications and hardware on average shows a three-year return on investment of 177%, with average payback period of 13 months.

How many organizations have implemented a HoloLens 2 development strategy?

Over half of fortune 500 companies have invested in mixed reality applications and HoloLens 2 devices. As spatial computing via head-mounted displays like the HoloLens 2 overtakes static computing systems, every company will need to have a strategy for transferring their systems into mixed reality. The return on investment early implementers have seen is driving adoption today, and the impending obsolescence of current computing systems will begin to drive organizations into the technology as the hardware improves and consumer headsets hit the market.

Who are some of the companies who are utilizing HoloLens 2 software solutions?

Some companies that are utilizing mixed reality and HoloLens 2 solutions are Airbus, Lockheed Martin, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Audi, L’Oreal, and Walgreens to name a few. 

What percentage of large organizations are adopting mixed reality software and hardware solutions?

According to a global survey of 3,000 large organizations, 49% are already adopting mixed reality, 21% are planning to adopt, and the remaining 30% have not yet adopted a strategy to capitalize on the vast opportunities mixed reality solutions provide.